Die Tanzschule der

Education Programme

Immatriculation always takes place in the winter semester to start in the following autumn semester. The schedule includes two units per day, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. In the first part of the day, the focus lies on the essential dance techniques and the development in contemporary and urban style. Additionally, there are regular lessons in the most important modern dance techniques, classical ballet, various jazz dance styles and supplementary but essential Bodywork classes such as Pilates, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Spiral Dynamics or Gyrotonic. During the Afternoon classes, the focus lies on creativity and innovation in the lessons of improvisation, partnering, repertory, choreography, research and rehearsals. Theoretical subjects take place during this time-frame as well.

It is possible for exceptional workshops, rehearsals or projects to take place additionally at weekends or during isolated holiday weeks.

Public holidays and holiday periods are consistent with the official holidays in canton Zurich.

There are showings, open lectures and performances held during each semester. This is an important component of the educational concept and supports the gain of experience and routine in front of an audience.

An additional placement for at least one week per year in either different departments of a dance school, a professional dance training centre, a dance company or in a stage production will encourage the students to use the learned theory and dance techniques in practical experience. Also, it gives space to establish and evaluate the content of the studies and to build up and expand the network in the world of dance.

The goal in the third year is to master the dance techniques of contemporary and urban dance as well as having a basic knowledge of the techniques in modern, classical ballet and jazz dance, adding a succesful use of the lessons taught in bodyconditioning.

The diploma project and exam will then additionally review the understanding and the knowledge on the creative process (choreography, concept, planning and realisation) of dance projects. The autonomous, self-reflecting way of working - not only interdisciplinary but also overarching theatre and other performing subjects - forms the foundation and essential characteristics of this graduate study course.

Photographs by Jos Schmid