Die Tanzschule der



The first eight weeks of the first semester are regarded as probationary period and finish with an

aptitude test. The test is hold in the main subjects Contemporary, Urban, Ballet and Improvisation.




The intermediate exams take place after every winter semester (1th/3th/5th). They are hold in every main subject as well as in theory and subsidiary subjects, which are completed after that semester. The examinations help the students and teachers to define the student's position and to give individual feedback and corrections as well as corrections involving group dynamics. The intermediate diploma exams take place after the two summer semesters (2th and 4th). This is,

where the gained resources and competences get examined and evaluated appropriate to the curriculum. Possible public performances and projects are also integrated in the evaluation. The intermediate diploma exams in the theory subjects are held appropriate to the curriculum and and appear with the last achieved grade in the diploma, if these subjects are only taught for a limited number of semesters. If a student doesn't pass the intermediate diploma qualification, he/she is allowed to repeat the semester and the examination if necessary.




The final exam consist in an intern and an extern part. The intern part is a practical diploma exam, which shows off the resources and competences in all main subjects (Contemporary, Urban, Partnering and Improvisation). In addition, the student submits a written edition of it's diploma work, which has to be defended to a panel consisting school teachers, school direction as well as extern examiners.

The second part is the presentation of rehearsed and learnt choreographic repertoire works and the diploma work itself, which is carried out within the context of a public performance. So the diploma work consists in two parts: an independent choreographic work (group piece), which the student plans and realizes on it's own and a theoretical and written work about the choreographic project, which the student has been working for over the 5th and 6th semester. The student establishes in this way the proof of it's ability to transmit, to handle and to instruct artistic, practical and theoretical contents on it's own.

Photographs by Jos Schmid