Die Tanzschule der


Artistic dance qualification

– imagination of movements, creativity and rich expressive power in dance
– musicality
– preparatory dance training in contemporary and/ or urban dance on a high level as well as basic knowledge
   in classical ballet, modern dance or jazz dance
– curiosity for the different issues in creative processes as well as their instruction and procurance




The admission to the diploma program in dance requires a minimum age of eighteen years, a graduation from the secondary level II and a medical clearance certificate. The application for admission follows after a written request and the registration. It has to be received in HF Bühnentanz's office before the application deadline.

Please add to your application the following documents:

– a certified copy of graduation certificates
– personal data sheet with precise details about the past education path
– information about past study periods and examination results where appropriate


In case the required minimum age of eighteen years falls below, certain education degrees are nonexistent, but the applicant proves a high level of artistic and corporal talent, the school management retains the option to accept and to matriculate candidates “sur dossier”.

Photographs by Jos Schmid